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The Enzyme Conference

Konferanse A conference on the production and use of enzymes supporting a sustainable industry.

Organizer: NCE Blue Legasea / Biotech North
Place: Scandic Oslo Airport - Gardermoen

Monday 15th November

09:00 - 10:00   Registration / Welcome coffee and snacks

10:00 - 11:30   Session 1 : Use of enzymes in the industry to support the green transition.

Enzyme-based technologies enable sustainable processes for the development of high-value compounds without using chemical solvents. Their uses in the industry could be seen as a lift to support a green transition and improve sustainability in their business. During this session, several industrials will discuss how and why they are using enzymes and the challenges and opportunities of this technology.

Rimfrost (Inge Bruheim), Biomega (Bjorn Liaset), Tailorzyme (Simon Emil Laussen)

11:30 - 12:30   Lunch Break   

12:30 - 14:00   Session 2:  Bioprospecting of enzymes and new technological opportunities.

The oceans are a huge source of biodiversity and are an important source of molecules with specific characteristics such as enzymes. The session will address the bioprospecting of new enzymes from marine resources and how their unique characteristics can improve technology processing and strengthen sustainability in the industry.

UiT-NorStruct (Peik Haugen), Universitetet i Bergen (Ida Helene Steen), NORCE (Antonio-Garcia Moyano)

14:00 - 14:30   Coffee Break  

14:30 - 16:00   Session 3: Regulatory aspects of enzyme : a bottleneck or door opener?

In this session, regulatory aspects of enzyme uses as technological and nutritional ingredient in EU will be discussed. To enter the market, requirements for new enzymes can be time and money demanding. In this session, the procedure under the EU novel food regulation will be presented.  The development of new enzymes and their uses in the industry is challenging and competitive, in this session the legal use of enzyme and the freedom to operate would be also discussed.

Medfiles (Mari Lyyra), Bryn Aarflot (Marianne Weiby Wulff)

18:00   Dinner

Tuesday 16th November

09.00-11.00: Session 4: Inside the enzyme market, possibilities and challenges

What does it take to increase and strengthen enzyme production in Norway? The development of new enzyme products can be time and money demanding. From the laboratory to the market, several steps will be requisite with also different stakeholders involved. This session will address different key topics from the scale up process to the need of infrastructure development and via the need of specific skills and competencies in the industry. This session will also address the GMO topic.

11.00 - 11:30   Coffee Break

11.30-12.00: Panel discussion: The current status and potential for industrial enzyme production in Norway

Our panellists will debate how Norway could play a role in the international enzyme market and how to
strengthen its position with the different stakeholders.
Moderator: Ole Jorgen Marvik (Innovation Norway). Panellist: Vectron Biosolutions (Jostein Malmo),
NORCE (Catherine Boccadoro), ArcticZymes Technologies ASA (Olav Lanes)Tailorzymes (Bent Piil Pedersen)

12:30   Lunch and ending of the conference

Registration HERE: Enzyme Conference 2021