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Norwegian minister learned about HOLOSUSTAIN

During a visit hosted by Blue Legasea, the Norwegian Minister of fisheries and seafood was introduced to the HOLOSUSTAIN project.

Blue Legasea
wenche minister.png

Odd Emil Ingebrigtsen visited the Norwegian Maritime Competence Center (NMK) in Ålesund on the 3th and 4th of September. Wenche Uksnøy, the cluster leader of NCE Blue Legasea, introduced to him the HOLOSUSTAIN project during the visit.

The main topic of the visit was “The opportunities and challenges for the success of marine ingredients and high-value production in Norway” and after a tour of several local companies in Ålesund, the Minister had a dialogue with different stakeholders form the marine ingredient field.

Great example of collaboration

The sustainable exploitation of new species such as sea cucumber and the creation of a high-value chain is essential to improve marine ingredient companies competitiveness. So, Wenche Uksnøy, introduced the HOLOSUSTAIN project to the Minister as “a great example of an international collaboration between industries and researchers by building a network for supporting the growth of new species uses”. 

In order to reach new market opportunities, documentation and information sharing is crucial but it needs “long term strategic commitment and funding to succeed” as reminded Wenche Uksnøy to the Minister.

See the video of the Minister´s visit at NMK.