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Sustainable Holothurian Technology and Innovation

The project’s vision is to establish a world-leading cluster-type platform for innovation in the sustainable exploitation of North Atlantic sea cucumber species. This marine resource with high market potential is currently not exploited in the North Atlantic countries for biotechnological, food, feed or drug applications targeting the western market. The platform will allow cooperation among participating countries and partnering industry and R&D organizations to develop their strategic position on the market and exploit complementarities in the partners’ resources after the project’s completion. The main anticipated results of the collaboration will be to provide a sustainable and healthy source of novel marine products and suggest at least two new Blue Growth value chains for the NORA countries.


Marine For Health

Marine for Health is an NCE Blue Legasea project, who work to establish national and international competence within health and nutrition.
There is a need for more scientifically documented knowledge to better understand how seafood can provide health benefits. It is urgent to get this sorted out, as products reducing lifestyle-related illnesses will have enormous socio-economic benefits. They may also be the start of a new, Norwegian health industry based on the sea.