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Relevant Scientific articles

Chech out the links to the latest scientific articles on sea cucumbers (published in late 2021/2022)

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Meet Ólafur H. Friðjónsson and Matis

Matís is a company which conducts research and leads innovation for the food industry and the bio...

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Norwegian minister learned about HOLOSUSTAIN

During a visit hosted by Blue Legasea, the Norw...

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Sea cucumber in the news

Miroslava Atanassova gave an interview to the Norsk Fiskerinæring where she introduced her career...

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Digital workshop on North Atlantic Sea Cucumber value chains

Join the first digital workshop by HOLOSUSTAIN....

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What will it take to reach the Asian market?

A large and collective effort is required for t...

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Dialogue between industry and researchers is essential

Dialogue with the industry is essential to reve...

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The first sea cucumber library

In October, HOLOSUSTAIN is launching publicly its Intranet Library, focused specifically on sea c...

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Meeting the Norwegian Minister of Fisheries and Seafood

Møreforsking showcased their sea cucumber work ...

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Upcoming events

Links to events of interest

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About Holosustain

Introduction of Holosustain idea from the project coordinator Dr. Miroslava Atanassova

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Scientific news

Latest scientific news about sea cucumbers

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Meet consortium member NCE Blue Legasea

Interview with cluster manager Wenche Uksnøy

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