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Fish Hydrolysates use against the Metabolic Syndrome ?

Webinar To Continue our webinar series about the health effects of marine ingredients, our next topic is the Metabolic Syndrome.
These last few years, the Metabolic Syndrome became a serious issue due to its fast and high development but several epidemiologic studies reported a link between fish consumption and a decrease in its prevalence.

Organizer: Marine For Health - NCE Blue Legasea
Place: Digital
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The Metabolic syndrome is a cluster of conditions that occur together and increases the risk of type 2 diabetes, stroke and cardiovascular diseases. Western lifestyles with diets rich in fats and sugars promote its development. Its complexity makes it difficult to study, but actually, its worldwide prevalence can be estimated to be about 25% of the world population.

PhD. Yanwen Wang, Senior Research Officer at National Research Council Canada.

PhD. Jacques Gagnon, Senior Researcher at Valorēs research institut.

PhD. Caroline Jensen, Clinical Nutritionist / Researcher at Haukeland University Hospital.

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The Nordic LipidForum: Lipids in Covid-19 pandemic and a specific role in the personalised nutrition

Webinar Due to the ongoing covid-19 pandemic situation, the board of Nordic Lipidforum decided to postpone the next Symposium until 2022. This is a misfortune for our every year continued and very much enjoyed tradition to meet each other’s and update our knowledge in lipids. Therefore, we wish to invite you to our afternoon Webinar on the 16th of June.

Organizer: LipidForum
Place: Digital

Please take this as a change to learn more on the effects of cod liver oil in the status of COVID-19 disease. The topic personalized nutrition is introduced from the view of practical tools used in metabolomics. The theme is continued by revealing the results achieved in the recent intervention studies in Denmark and in Finland.


12:00 Introduction and welcome – Chair Kaisu Riihinen /Sec. Robert Wolff
12:10 Cod liver oil for COVID-19 prevention study Sonja Hjellegjerde Brunvoll – University of Oslo, NOR
12:50 Sponsor's corner
13:00 Metabolic profiling in food and nutrition research Kati Hanhineva - University of Turku, FIN
13:30 Small coffee break
13:45 Effects of a polyunsaturated (omega-6) fat replacement Kristina Pigsborg - University of Copenhagen, DEN
14:15 Gene-diet interactions in polyunsaturated fatty acid metabolism Maria Lankinen - University of Eastern Finland, FIN
14:45 Concluding remarks and take-home message
Welcome to Ålesund by NFL Chair Astrid Nilsson

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