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Potential Health Effects from Marine Ingredients on Gut Microbiota

Marine for Health hosted a webinar about the health effects from Marine resources on the Gut Microbiota.

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The study of the gut microbiota can be challenging due to its high diversity and interactions. Also considered as an organ, microbiota modifications have been linked to several chronic diseases but its potential role in their development remains not completely understood.

Diverse marine ingredients are used to support human health, for example for cardiovascular diseases or brain ageing. But their impacts on the gut microbiota are not known and only a few studies have been studied their potential effects.

In this webinar, three researchers, from completely different fields, presented us how and why it is crucial to study the gut microbiota in some disease development and if the marine ingredients can be effective in this application.

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Here, find the video of the webinar and the presentation of our speakers:

  • PhD Yrr Mørch is a Senior Research Scientist at SINTEF Industry in the Dept. of Biotechnology and Nanomedicine. She has extensive experience within material science for medical applications, including drug formulation, encapsulation and controlled release, physical/chemical and biological characterisation. She leads two of SINTEFs strategic focus areas: Nanomedicine and Gut Microbiota. PhD Tonje M. B. Heggeset is a Research Scientist at SINTEF Industry in the Dept. of Biotechnology and Nanomedicine. She is responsible for the sequencing facility and sequencing-based bioinformatics at SINTEF and has in the later years had a high emphasis on genomics, transcriptomics, and metagenomics, including shotgun and barcode-sequencing studies as well as nanopore sequencing.

Presentation of Yrr and Tonje. HERE.

  • Pauke C. Schots is a PhD student at The arctic university of Norway. Her PhD subject is the identification of anti-obesity and insulin-sensitive effects of Calanus oil, a novel wax-ester rich marine oil from Calanus finmarchicus. She also had a background in marine biology and arctic animal physiology. She is going to present us the last results from her PhD research.

Presentation of Pauke HERE.

  • Arthur Almestad from the Research Council of Norway and Mari Klokk Leite from Innovation Norway, introduced us to potential funding to support R&D projects.

Presentation of Arthur HERE and Mari HERE.

  • Marius Trøseid is a consultant in infectious diseases and is leading a research group on Clinical Microbiology and Microbiota Medicine (CliMic) at Oslo University Hospital. The overall scientific focus is the role of the gut microbiota in chronic infections, as well as inflammatory, metabolic and cardiovascular diseases, including comorbidities in HIV infection. M. Trøseid has also established a regional multidisciplinary research network (ReMicS: Regional research network for clinical Microbiota Science) which is hosting a yearly national microbiota conference.

Presentation of Marius HERE.