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Educating Consumers and Healthcare Professionals On Benefits of Omega-3

NCE Blue Legasea and GOED arranged a webinar on the topic of benefits of Omega-3s.

Blue Legasea
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The topic of the webinar was "Educating Consumers and Healthcare Professionals on Benefits of Omega-3s", and took place on the 28th of May. 

Most consumers and health practitioners know what omega-3s are, yet they still aren’t getting even close to the amounts they need. This webinar examined why that may be, what we need to do about it and how best to communicate to these two similar but distinct audiences. 

Participants were given an overview on the latest research on omega-3s and why there needs to be an emphasis on EPA and DHA omega-3s specifically. The webinar also reviewed consumer survey data on awareness of omega-3s and who is most trusted for health and wellness advice.

Speakers from GOED

The speakers from GOED were Elana Natker (Director of Consumer and Health Practitioner Communications for GOED) and Ellen Schutt (Executive Director).   

Ellen Schutt is the Executive Director of GOED and has been with the company for eight years. She oversees all aspects of the organization’s mission to increase consumption of EPA and DHA omega-3s, as well as to protect the category by ensuring GOED members are manufacturing quality products that consumers can trust.

Elana Natker, MS, RD, is the Director of Consumer and Health Practitioner Communications for GOED. She is a nationally recognized food and nutrition expert and spokesperson with two decades of communications experience. As Director of Consumer and Healthcare Practitioner Communications at GOED, she oversees programming related to educating health professionals, including dietitians, physicians, nurses and pharmacists.

See Elana Natker´s presentation from the webinar Educating Consumers and Healthcare Professionals on Benefits of Omega-3s. 

Watch the full webinar: