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Sea cucumber in the news

Miroslava Atanassova gave an interview to the Norsk Fiskerinæring where she introduced her career and her projects.

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Dr. Miroslava Attanova is the project coordinator of HOLOSUSTAIN. With an international background from Bulgaria, France, Belgium, Spain and Norway at Møreforsking since 2007, her research has focused on food science and biotechnology and their impact on our health. During her career, she explored from human microbiome to the krill and sea cucumber uses. 

In the line of EU bioeconomic strategy, her last projects focused on the biotechnology applications of new resources such as krill, sea cucumber and insect. She also believes in the international collaboration. The HOLOSUSTAIN project was born in 2019, as a common platform for scientists and industries to develop knowledge and improve the use of Atlantic sea cucumber species. 

Indeed, several challenges must be overcome for the Norwegian sea cucumber to reach international markets, as the quality, sustainable harvesting or consumer awareness about new marine species and their health benefits. To conclude, Dr. Miroslava Atanassova estimate a volume of 5,000 tonnes in 2030, divided by harvesting and cultivation paving the way for sea cucumber new markets.

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