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The first sea cucumber library

In October, HOLOSUSTAIN is launching publicly its Intranet Library, focused specifically on sea cucumbers.

Blue Legasea

The project’s vision is to improve the sustainable exploitation of North Atlantic sea cucumber species by creating an international collaboration among researchers and Industry. 

The need for scientifically-based documentation is crucial for reaching goals such as sustainable extraction authorization, establishment of sustainable fisheries and value chain creation for these resources. Therefore, HOLOSUSTAIN will be ready to launch publicly its Intranet Library, focused specifically on sea cucumbers, by the end of October. 

The library provides access to several documents, links and scientific data and will be updated every four months. The articles and reports currently included have been selected through Pubmed, Science Direct, Google Scholar, Academia and Mendeley. 

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The library's topics

It is divided at the moment into seven different topics:

  • Bioactive Compounds: The study of bioactive and nanomaterial-related compounds from sea cucumbers. 
  • Health Effects: animal and human studies:  In vivo animal model or human intervention studies with sea cucumber-derived extracts or bioactive compounds. 
  • Aquaculture and Biology: Theoretical basis for revising available knowledge on sea cucumber life cycle per species and for understanding of the biological principles required for developing aquatic production. 
  • Fisheries & Market: SEASOFIA and FAO reports of the fisheries worldwide status of the sea cucumber and the potential markets for the sea-cucumber based food & cosmetics & functional products. 
  • Regulatory Aspects: Although specific regulations regarding sea cucumbers are not available in many countries, the general regulations on biodiversity protection will be also covered in this section. 
  • Nutritional Composition: The chemical and nutritional composition of the sea cucumber and its uses as food product. 
  • Associated Microbiota and Genomic Information: Theoretical basis for revising available genetic knowledge on sea cucumbers’ full biological potential, immunology and pathogen-related issues.

An additional, protein/peptide sequence and food composition related section is previewed to be included by the end of the project’s duration.